Ski and snowboard school
      You cannot ski, so what do you do?

You commend yourself to a professional skiing instructor. Under instructions you will be safely initiated to the secrets of this beautiful sport. Using Austrian methodology we observe your abilities, choose the right terrain and speed for you. We also take special care of our younger skiers using various tricks and aids whje make the learning easier, faster and a lot of fun. At the end of our 5-days courses we organise slalom races with a winner's ceremony and awards. Put your kids to our professionals. We will save your time, efford and learn your kids the correct way to ski. They will meat a lot of friends and have a wonderfull time. Enjoy!
      Are you a competent and experienced skier looking for new and different experiences and dimensions?

If you want to fall in love again, try funcarving.Endure a dynamic ride on the edge of skis, tasting a lot of fun, freedom and joy of movement. Would you prefer simple acrobatics? Enjoy yourself on the extremely carved and short skies SNOWBLADE. You will be pleasantly surprised by their simple manageability.
      Do you fancy snowboarding?

Our instructors will help you avoid any bad habit and reduce the risk of injury. We will take you through the art of snowboarding and uncover the many unique secrets.

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